Sunday, April 27, 2008

What everyone needs to get started in Scrapbooking

It is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when you start scrapbooking. Even for myself who has been scrapbooking for 4+ years can still be lost and overwhelmed... (No Comments needed from the peanut gallery ;o)) So you have those pictures, you've seen others do it, you see all the wonderful works in catalogs... and you are now inspired to dabble. Here is what you need to get started in the scrapbooking and cardmaking world!!

And if you ask your friends that are scrappers they are usually more than welcome to share some stash till you get on your feet! As well as make a point to look for garage sales. Sometimes you can get some high quality stuff at those.

1. Album, look at the varies types and themes and pick what's best for you. Don't forget to take an Album that lets you add refill pages, as well is durable for little hands to get a hold. I use CTMH and theirs is very durable, and all my kids drag my albums around and they are in perfect condition. So browse before buying.

2. Scissors that are comfortable with your hand. I use micro tipped ones, they are comfortable and long lasting. Keep these scissors only for scrapbooking as the life of them will last you longer.

3. Adhesive, Oh what can I say about adhesive. There are so many brands out there the trick to finding whats the best for you is sometimes trial and error. Just so you know my faves I use Tombow Permanent brand & get in with Tombow refills with friends so it is more cost efficient! Anyway you can save money in my book is a BIG PLUS!! I use glue dots as well they have all different sizes mini, medium, vellum kind, and pop up ones. Your friends are your best resources and if you have no friends that scrapbook, don't be afraid to talk to other people at crops or in scrapbooking stores. Scrappers Stick Together! It's the best club in the world!!

4. Cardstock, Textured & Patterned paper. Pick based on the projects your working on or future projects. When you are starting out, I suggest you start project to project so you don't overwhelm yourself. My favorite is to purchase CTMH Level 1 kits, as they come with prelaid out paper plans, and stickers. And as you get more advance you can add more bling (embellishments) and eventually stamp if you choose.
5. 12" paper trimmer, again price them out and find one that suits your needs.
6. Embellishments, This is like topping on the cookie to me. Find what you are working on use from the same color family, you can use brads, eyelets, ribbons, buttons, and so much more... If your not sure keep it simple, I suggest ribbons and brads are a must have.
7. Pens for journaling, I highly suggest adding journaling on the page as it not only says who the person(s)are and the date but describes feelings, and tells the story of the picture to the viewer. If you don't like your writing, then I suggest printing out your journaling.
8. Idea Books, Online Galleries, etc. to help inspire you and give you ideas. If you are to take an idea and use it online you MUST give credit where credit is due!! It's common courtesy.
If you go to crops where you scrapbooking with a bunch of friends outside your own home, you will need a tote. I know for my first year, I made due with a suitcase... till I got a nice one at a garage sale. Find what suits you and your needs cause now, I have two rolling totes, one backpack tote, and my little supply tote.
These are just the tips of the iceberg, you can get as heavy as you want into this. By getting cutting machines, watercolors, stamp sets, lots and lots of paper etc. Now you know why my husband calls me a pack rat.
Everything I stated here is based on my opinions, but I believe its a wonderful way to start out!

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