Sunday, June 8, 2008

Video Game Diet

Now that school is out my children are on the Video Game Diet. Just for their record they don't like the diet, but they know it is for their own good! ;-)

From DS's, Nintendo (the original), computer games, to now the Wii.... just so I know the kids are not just sitting in front of screens all summer ... we started this Diet 3 years ago... Every summer!

Rules of this Diet:
1. Limited amount of play time a week. 1 hr total M-Sun.
2. All systems are in the parents possession, so they need to ask to play. The Wii is harder to take away... but thankfully it has a history so we can see how much they have played and what...
3. If they exceed the amount alloted ALL systems are taken and boxed up and put away for the following week.
4. If they exceed it 2x the systems are gone for a month. Ouch huh!!
5. If they continue to be stinkers it will be gone for the summer... Oh the life!!!

We are trying not to take it away completely if we can help it as we too like to play, but we want to limit it so they spend more time playing outside, being physical , and hanging with friends. They are signed up for a lot of extra summer activites as well; soccer, track, video game design just to name a few... but we want them to not come home from those activities and "veg".

So far so good, they are doing "Wickedly Awesome"... quote from them...:-)

What do you do to help keep your child active and outside motivated and away from those screens of varies types... :-)

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