Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Movie Review: Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull

We went and saw the Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull. It had a lot of hype so I had misgivings on seeing it. I loved the other Indiana Jones movies all except Temple
of Doom which I really didn't like at all.

Everyone wants to know was Harrison Ford up to playing Indie again, I would have to say yes! He did a great job, and we all know he had a stunt double this time around if you didnt you do now. :-) He did a good job and it was wonderful to see him with his fedora hat and whip. It was cool to see his "flame" back into the picture too!

Shia Labeouf was awesome and cute as ever! Oh if I was younger... He did an amazing job at playing Mutt! Mutt's character is great!! Enough said...

Cate as the villian was awesome! Everytime she was in the scene it was hard to not watch her. And the action between her and Shia's character was sweet!!

Note: It is another PG-13 movie, for Adventure and Scary Images... My boys all loved it but I know my boys best. The only time I squirmed in my seat was the red ant scene...Not my kids though... they were like "That is so Cool" and "Wicked", so if you explain to your kids how its not real and all done with "Movie Magic", they too might have the same reaction... LOL

Let me know if you go see it and what you think of it! Any other good movies out there... ??


  1. Is it too much for a 5 year old to go too? I love Indiana Jones movies but your know I can never get away with the kids!

  2. What movies has this five year old scene?

    Personally I think she would be fine... just talk to her about it first...

    Some things to discuss perhaps:
    1. His fear of snakes
    2. Mutt dropped out of school (my kids never picked up on that though)
    3. Indie, climbs into a fridge... would tell her thats a big No No!
    4. If she knows the difference between real life and movie magic...

    Those are just some things I picked up on, I know there is most likely more... Personally I think she could like it... let me know if you want me to come see it with you... my kids would love to see it again too... :-)

    Your SIL,


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