Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer's Blast

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying safe! We had a wonderful July 4th spent it with family which is the best way to celebrate!!

What I have in this post:
Summer Storms, Creative Layout Challenge & Tips, Creative Comment Winner Announcement. And My Birthday Special!!!

I have been busy lately from trips to the beach, library, and planning our summer vacation. I have done some scrapbooking and hope to get it posted tomorrow, since I have nothing going on... Yippee! Summer really keeps you busy doesn't it... but then you have to appreciate it as soon Minnesota's winter is upon us again... :-)

We had some Summer Storms roll in the last few days...
Thursday 7/10; we got hail damage on our siding, roof, & broken tree limbs. Other neighbors have holes in their siding... we got off lucky! 60+ mile and hr winds, and hail bigger than nickels... the straight line winds hitting hail on our windows sounded like someone throwing huge rocks, the windows shook really bad... After coming up from the basement our kitchen was sopping wet to the middle of our floor... rain came right in the seams...Again very LUCKY! Went outside later in the day noticed my garden smooshed, bird nests out of the trees some with broken eggs... but our family was okay and our friends are too... The insurance company is going to love us... and we are already getting flyers and phone calls from people that want to have our business... crazy how word gets out... before we even call...

Friday 7/11 There was a wide band of storms all the way North to South of us... It produced a few tornadoes. Here we just got, hail (again...) high winds, rotating clouds and possible funnel clouds, lots of lightening some even touching the ground. Once the storm passed through it was a rather quiet night...

Here are some pictures from Friday's storm:

Picture taken from the North side of my home as it was rolling in, pretty impressive isn't it!

You can see the trees how they are moving..

Impressive isn't it!

These clouds were rotating, dipping, and acting so alive! This picture shows a possible funnel cloud, it was rotating and going up and down...

This picture was taken from the drive way on the South side of the storm as it was rolling in...

This was taken again from our driveway looking straight up... these clouds were spinning in circles, my neighbors 5 houses down were yelling for people including myself to go inside as it looked like it was coming down... the sirens went off just as I took this picture and I headed downstairs with my children and fur babies, as my hubby sat upstairs watching the storm. He loves to watch these things... Why I don't know... I grew up in a trailer home and storms terrify me!!

Creative Comment Winner for June is: Sandra T. CTMH sister!
Sandra contact me with your address and I will get your creative comment prize in the mail for you!!
Accepting JULY Comments and will have the name randomly drawn on the 31st! So Comment away!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Creative Layout Challenge for the Month of July:
Buttons, Buttons, & More Buttons!!

Any theme, any colors, any products... but must have buttons.

Ideas you can use buttons for:
~Inside Flowers
~By themselves as an accent
~to dot i's or inside a letter
~use for ladybugs etc
~use to frame a photo
~create a mosaic
~ if you're able cut button in half and use for shoes on a figure
~use with ribbon
~hang tags or other varies things
~use hemp, wire, or waxy flax, or even sewing string inside
As this is getting posted after July 1st, ALL Challenges to be accepted for this challenge must be submitted by August 7th! Please email me a photo I can use to put on a slideshow for people can vote for their favorites.

Email me

July 22nd is my Birthday!! Exciting isn't it! So I am offering a Birthday Special
I am requesting donations to be given to the ASPCA
An Honor Gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the special people, animals and events in your life—and give the gift of life for animals in need.

As an animal lover, and an owner of a puppy mill/abused dog (Toby). It pains me to see those animals suffer because of people unwilling or unable to care for them properly.

To those that donate online, send an ecard my way for my birthday! It means a lot to me and to those animals in need of food, patience, & tlc!

Thanks, it means a lot!


  1. I love thunderstorms! Your pictures are amazing! My sister in law lives in Fergus Falls and she wall telling my husband about the storms! They sound a little scary.. but I would probably be like you and be snapping photo's!

  2. Wow! I love pictures like that. God is awesome, huh? I added you to my blog list. I don't know how I missed you! Thanks for my comment.

  3. Thank you ladies for your comments,
    I agree God is awesome! I know we needed the rain but couldn't it come in smaller doses and spread a part... LOL
    Thanks for adding me Stephanie...
    Hope your both have a wonderful summer!

  4. Wow those storm picture are impressive. I grew up and my family lives in Goodhue, MN, (little town near Red Wing) and they got hit to by this storm.

    I am going to have to give Creative Layout Challenge a try as I need to get some scrapbooking pages done.

  5. Those pictures are beautiful. God is powerful and he sure does express Himself. Tracy, send me you snail mail addy, I would like to send you something.


  6. Wow Tracy your pictures are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing them on here and your sweet comments that you always leave on my blog. I love your blog and check it out all the time.


  7. The tornado that hit Willmar was just a mile from our house. I unfortunately didn't have my camera ready but it was crazy Friday night over here and that storm hit such a wide area we are lucky no one was seriously hurt. Your pictures are amazing.


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